All Starz Early Learning CenterThe daily schedule is posted for viewing, it indicates times for lunch, snacks, supper, naps, toileting, indoor/outdoor play, and activities.  All children are given individual attention and made to feel special.  They are reassured that they are a valued member of the group.  A family styled grouping provides some great nurturing experiences for the older children and lots of loving stimulation for the younger ones.  Our staff devotes a lot of energy to direct interaction with the children.

At All Starz we strive to provide activities that will be interesting and challenging for every child.  The materials the children use are intended to help them learn through hands-on experiences, so they can test their own ideas and develop their creativity.  Basic concepts such as shapes, colors, and numbers are introduced and the children are able to learn through manipulative materials, creative dramatics, music, art, and movement on an individual and small group basis.  An ample supply of toys, books, materials, and equipment are available for the children to use.

All Starz Academy Houston DaycareChildren will be guided in developing appropriate social, communications, and home living skills.  Some of our activities will involve ordinary chores such as setting the table and cleaning up our toys.  Others include cooking, block and Lego building, painting, drawing, and free play.  Genuine interest is shown in the children’s school work and craft projects.  Activities that provide opportunities for the children to succeed are put in place, to help build their self-esteem.  Children are encouraged to talk about their feelings and they are assisted in learning ways to handle those feelings.  Organized games and sports are introduced on a regular basis.

Outside play is encouraged because children need sunshine and physical exercise to promote strong, healthy minds and bodies.  We do not believe children should sit idly in front of a television for long periods of time and though the television is used for entertainment and educational purposes, it is used in moderation. Television and other electrical devices are limited to two hours per day. Children under the age of two are prohibited from screen time activities. In additional, all screen time activities are included in the writing activity plan.


      •  Sense of self


    •  Shows ability to adjust to new situations

       Demonstrates appropriate

       Recognizes own feeling and manages them appropriately

      •  Responsibility for self and others


    •  Demonstrates self-direction and independence

       Takes responsibility for own well-being

       Respects and cares for classroom, environment and materials

       Follow Classroom Rules


      •  Pro-Social Behavior


    •   Plays well with other children

      Recognizes the feeling of others and responds appropriately

      Shares and respects the rights of others

      Uses thinking skills to resolve conflicts




      •  Gross Motor


    •  Demonstrates basic motor skills

       Shows balance while moving

       Climbs up and down

       Demonstrates throwing, kicking and catching skills

       Fine Motor Controls small muscles in hands

       Coordinates eye-hand movement

       Uses tools for writing and drawing


      •  Learning and Problem solving


    •  Observes objects and events with curiosity

       Approaches problems

       Shows persistence in approaching tasks

       Explores causes and effects

       Applies knowledge or experience to a new task

       Logical Thinking

       Classifies objects

       Arranges objects in a series