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Our philosophy

All Starz Academy Houston Daycare Our philosophy is based on the theory that children learn best through acceptance and understanding. The program is designed to foster the whole child, by meeting their social, emotional, intellectual, as well as physical needs. The small, family-styled grouping offers an interactive, communal environment that promotes self-exploration and discovery. We will encourage the children to test their ideas, develop creatively, and appreciate themselves for who they are. The children are encouraged to make choices that are real, thus allowing them to learn to resolve problems themselves.

We consider the parent to have the primary responsibility for their children and view our relationship as a partnership. The views, values, culture, and heritage of the parent are important and respected by the staff members. We value the trust placed in us and we will strive to provide the appropriate care your child deserves. Our goal is to provide an atmosphere conducive to mutual respect between the center and the parents. Such an atmosphere is facilitated by operating an “Open Door Policy” and inviting parents to call and/or drop in at any time.

Starting Out at the Center

Remember that it’s normal for a child to have some fears and misgivings about starting child care. Children need time to get used to new situations.

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Don't Panic
What can we do to help?